How to encourage people to cook without ready-made products?

self initiated

We mostly make our meals that best matches our daily activities. Quick, easy and little thinking goes beyond the slow, sophisticated and qualitative operations in preparing the meal. Due to this 'instant' culture, respect has disappeared in the kitchen. 

‘Home-made” is against this fast- and laziness and stand for more appreciation. By offering tools in the form of inspiration and triggers, people can inspire, learn and view their evening meal in innovative ways.
Choose to cook yourself*, choose Homemade. 

*Self-cooking fits a healthy lifestyle showing you respect for yourself and the environment. 


- Platform, App
- Activation

- Creative Research 
(Kees Dorst method)
- Creative Direction


- Jeroen Cleijne
- Benno Lambooy


During a workshop under the guidance of designer Madelinde Hageman, we were experimenting with the "reframing method” of Kees Dorst. This is an approach where the emphasis is on developing new angles and perspectives on a situation/issue, and then moving in an innovative design direction. Within this workshop we open our project about food systems.


An important aspect is the addition of a “touchpoint". Because when you look at which target groups are eligible with our platform, then it is students who are in the store and people who have a recipe that they would like to share.

As a promotion, we have therefore not put a usual flyer in the store. Instead, an empty bottle with a logo on it and minimal explanation between the full shelves was the way to get people excited about the app.


In our research to ready-made food, we found that people have relatively little knowledge of the ingredients that are used for example to make your mushroom sauce. We also found a rare paradox, namely that: Ready-made food gives people the idea of being able to get to know new flavors, while these products introduce you to a brand. To change this picture and increase awareness, we set to work on creating a platform for two target groups. A target group that is anti-cooking, and a target group that likes nothing more. 


A sample of 20+ people at the Rotterdam market

To bring these together, we have the idea that they can teach each other something. The students can be creative with recipes to make it as quickly as possible. And the 25+ who enjoy cooking have many recipes they would love to share. By implementing this in the app so that adjustments can be made to recipes, you have a perfect balance between fast, healthy, social and delicious.


Gino Bodt 

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