Za'atari City

Improving living conditions of Za'atari Refugees

Za'atari was the second largest refugee camp in the world at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Along with the financial crisis in Western countries, this caused a huge shortage of money which makes the camp could not handle the amount of refugees.

Za'atari depends on donations from governments and charities to continue to function. Furthermore, there is a limit of 2 years, after which aid is stopped and NGOs, such as UNHCR, leave. It literally leave the refugees to their destiny. 

To improve their living conditions we create a concept where we use the potential qualities of Za'atari to make a full-fledged city.
This by going on holiday and pre ordening your ticket for 2020.
Tourists pay in the form of crowdfunding, and the money will gradually invested in the realization plans of the 'new' city.

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