Giving a voice to Homeless Youth

(2/1 ad, demonstration)
For attending the NRC Charity Awards 2017, Rens van Strien and I had the privilege to make a 2/1 page ad for ‘Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland’. A small organization which stands for the interests of roof and homeless youths. 

In our campaign we focused on the fact that change is necessary and that there must be an end to the problems of homeless youth. On August 9, 2017 the advert got viewed in the NRC newspapers and a demonstration was shown in front of
4 city stations. This was picked by many media and gave (ex)homeless youths the possibility to tell there story.

(Ex) homeless youths demonstrating at Amsterdam Zuid

2/1 Advert we made. The headline says: 'Let us die out'

A look back from different media

Note: Our advert reached the top 5 (4th place)
in the NRC Charity Awards 2017. 


Algemeen Dagblad Rotterdam - Actie bij Rotterdam Centraal [08.08.2017]
OPEN Rotterdam [LIVE STREAM] - "Laat ons uitsterven" [09.08.2017]
Algemeen Dagblad Binnenland - Zwerfjongeren: Laat ons uitsterven  [09.08.2017]
Hart van Nederland [VIDEO] - Zwerfjongeren (start at 13:46 minutes)  [09.08.2017]
Algemeen Dagblad Den Haag - Zwerfjongeren doen verhaal bij CS  [09.08.2017] 
RTL Nieuws [VIDEO] - Richard was dakloos  [09.08.2017]
RTV Utrecht - Utrechtse zwerfjongeren voeren actie  [09.08.2017]
Het Parool - Aldus [09.08.2017]
NOS op 3 [VIDEO] - Laat ons uitsterven  [10.08.2017]
NOS op 3 - Wat er moet veranderen om van jonge daklozen af te komen [10.08.2017]
Brandpunt: De weg van het slapen op parkbankjes naar...  [11.08.2017]
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